You are planning to invest in cross-border business? The TPA Group is one of the leading companies in CEE/SEE offering tax consulting & auditing services: tax advisory, accounting, auditing, advisory and much more.

Our tax & audit experts are active in 12 European countries: For more than 20 years we have supported our clients locally in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia & Slovenia. We know the special European markets and their peculiarities by heart. You benefit from the know-how of an entire group of companies. We advise you in your language – the ‘German & English Desks’ at every TPA office.

Want to Compare?

Analyse and compare tax systems from CEE-Countries.

Analyze & compare tax - systems of CEE countries

If you are interested in several CEE countries at the same time, our unique comparison overview ensures that you keep sight of the big picture and stay on top of things – especially when it comes to taxes.

Baker Tilly International

Thanks to our alliance with the Baker Tilly International network, the 12 countries of the independent TPA Group are perfectly connected at global level, and we are able to provide high-quality services in all the main business centres and regions of the world.

Baker Tilly Europe Alliance

The TPA Group forms the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance with the renowned consultancy Baker Tilly in Germany and the global network Baker Tilly International.


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